Banking Law

The banking and finance practice of the company provides services across all fields of trades and outputs in banking and finance. Our team has skills in the compromise, preparation and structuring of numerous documentation communing to

  • Bonds, loan notations, securitisation, confidential debt securities, capital market devices and by-products ;
  • Infrastructure, master plan and asset financing, containing expressway, telecommunications and high technology projects;
  • Both cross borderline as well as domestic syndications in international and regional currencies and financing, vessel and aircraft financing encompassing
  • Purchase of vessels and aircrafts, mortgages of vessels and aircrafts and leveraged leasing; offshore loan trades in foreign currencies comprehending acting as native legal advocate in such transactions;
  • Suppliers’ credit documentation and trade financing;
  • Conventional and core fields of corporate banking and retail banking complexes;
  • Assistance using the Malaysian duty haven of Labuan.

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