Wills Probate Law

Our attorneys address a wide range of family matters. We deliver practical solutions with the ambition of minimising resentful action to settle disputations in the best interests of the kids and for the protection of family responsibilities.

We feed legal representation to clients in areas like as, divorce, judicial partition, adoption, cancellation proceedings, maintenance for partner and kids, division/ disbursement of marital property, guardianship difficulties and bargain agreements. In addition to this, we’ve addressed cases concerning the unilateral conversion of minors in marital disputes.


We advise in all matters related to the management of estates of late persons, including:

  • Preparing petitions to the High Court for the allocation of grants of probate or letters of authority.
  • Resealing of grants of probate and authority acquired from any part of the Commonwealth or acknowledged by British Courts in a foreign country.
  • Delivering aid in attaining authority to all small estates.
  • Rendering guidance to representatives and supervisors of estates in relation to their duties in ordinance.
  • The process of smooth distribution of fortune to successors.
  • Handling disputes linked to challenged wills/ probate.

We repeatedly advise clients in complicated and high- profile probate matters which include disputations on challenges to the validity of wills, structure of wills, advising successors for an account and audit of documents, impersonating for successors in the riddance of trustees.

We’ve acted and delivered legal representation to well-endowed families on inheritance issues as well as representatives, supervisors, family members, inheritors and in controversial and non- controversial probate, trust and estate matters which may measure numerous jurisdictions.

Apart from the prior, we deliver consultative work relating to the preparation of Wills for assets situated locally and/ or overseas.

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