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Our real estate team are skillful in navigating numerous obstacles involving property deals pragmatically and creatively. We honour that time is always of the essentiality in real estate deals and we’re committed to meeting tight deadlines. We always assure that our clients remain well informed and are consulted at every crucial stage of the sale process.

A conveyancing advocate generally assists in a property transfer between a buyer and a dealer by aiding in the procedures of transfer to guarantee that the property is registered under the name of the one who buys from dealer.

You may be wondering if transfer of property can be done without a conveyancing counsel in Malaysia. The short answer is yes. But you don’t want to get involved in the complex legal procedures.

So, it’s tactical to get a conveyancing attorney. You may be wondering why you’re paying legal charges to your conveyancing attorney. Below are 3 good reasons to hire a good conveyancing attorney in Malaysia

To assure a smooth property transfer from broker to buyer

This is conspicuous. You’re paying to assure that the transfer is smooth without any interruption. So, it’s extremely important to get a conveyancing attorney who’s underwent to assure that the documents are well set and to guarantee that the timeline is clung precisely since time is of importance in a property deal.

You’re guided by a professional and skilled conveyancing attorney

The terms and conditions of the deal and purchase agreement (including the loan agreements if funding is needed) and other legal attestations might bring you a headache. Do not worry. Your conveyancing attorney will fix and vet through the documents for you and explain the significant terms to you (and knotty legal terms) just in case you have any query before signing it. There are multiple authentication and operations involved such as deal and purchase agreement, loan agreements, imprint duties applicable and registry of title. Thus, you don’t want to mess up with any of the document of procedure to obviate any penalty.

Additionally, multiple pointed Acts (such as the National Land Code 1965, Stamp Act 1949 and Strata Titles Act 1965 to name a several) are legislated to govern the property trade in Malaysia. So, it’s better to forsake the matter to your conveyancing attorney.

Save your time and money

Imagine if you’ll have to deal with not just the withstanding party but you’ll also have to deal with your banker and the state office many times. taking on a good conveyancing attorney can save you time and scrape as your attorney will represent you in trafficking with all the relative parties to assure that the whole business is well taken care of.

Fundamentally, engaging a conveyancing advocate can save you time and money in lengthy run and also to assure that your stake is well shielded under the law in Malaysia.

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